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Welcome to My Recruiting Page

Class of 203*   


Major Interests:

This is section is a great place to introduce yourself as a person. Tell coaches who you are, what your interests are outside of softball, and what your aspire to do for a career. Remember, coaches are recruiting a person at the end of the day, not a player only.

My Skills Videos

My Softball Story

This is your softball story! What have you accomplished over the years you've been playing softball?

What type of athlete are you? Coaches want to know how you view yourself and how you contribute to the team.


Finally, describe your college softball goals. How do you imagine yourself on and off the field with your team? Coaches want to know what your expectations are of college softball.

My Metrics

Home to first:

Home to home:

Hitting velo:

Throwing velo:

Pitching velo/catcher pop time:

Batting and throwing:

My Schedule

List your schedule here so college know when they might get to see you play! Remember, this does not replace emailing them your time schedule for certain tournaments so it's easy for them to schedule to see you play!

Full Recruiting Sheet

Check out my printable

recruiting sheet below!


I'm on the following platforms posting about my current schedule and trainings. Follow me on:

Phone Number:

Travel Team Name and Number:

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