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Growing as a Coach or Player

That Power Game's mission is to make softball more accessible. We focus on both the player and the coach. Coaches can cause players to stay or leave a sport, as do the cost and opportunities offered can cause a player to stay or leave a sport. We strive to provide programs for players to grow, but understand that coaches want to grow for the betterment of their players too.

All advice given is from experience and knowledge acquired from coaching clinics and being a part of coaching associations. We teach techniques that are utilized in college, so players don't have to relearn techniques to be noticed by colleges in the future. Additionally, all techniques are evaluated to ensure the practices are kinesthetically least stressful on the body to prevent injury.

Subscribe to our player's or coach's blog for $40 a month, or purchase the 2B in the Gap, Homerun, or Walk off pricing plans to receive access to the blog. Members will receive access to two in-depth blogs a week focusing on a skill necessary to successful play the game or coach a team. Join the movement of playing and coaching with a purpose!

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