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Want to get a detailed analysis of a player's swing? Want to see how a player's swing improves over time? Join the Blast Academy for an extra $50/month each month, you'll a detiled analysis of the player's swing and training drills to focus on what is needed to improve the player's swing.  

If you are utilizing blast for recruiting purposes, we will verify your metrics at a lesson or at a clinic with a certificate. 

The process: Assessment, Analyze, and Train

1) Each player will get assessed with 20 swings off the tee and 20 swings off front toss. 
2) One of our instructors will analyze the player's swing in terms of plane, connection, and rotation. 
3) Players will receive specific drills to work on improving their swing. 

Each player will get reassessed monthly.
Blast Academy is currently accepting players ages 12 - 18.

Blast Academy is held every Monday in December and Janaury from 5 - 6 pm.  Anyone with a Blast Academy subscription can attend the sessions.

View the video below to see what Blast can offer you with a trainer analyzing the data and providing specific feedback based on an individual's metrics.