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What is TPG?

Our company supports female athletes through their entire sports journey. We provide the training, support, and resources to elevate our players' performance and experience in the game!

What Does TPG Offer?

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ASHLEY (CoachUP Client)

Amanda was very impressive with her knowledge, the way she presented suggestions and made adjustments. We are very excited to continue our training with Coach Amanda.


Amanda is incredible. She took the time to really talk to and show my daughter what she wanted her to do. She also had her phone and recorded my daughters swing in slow motion so she could break down each part of the swing. My daughter said she learned more from Amanda in the first one hour session than she did from all her previous coaches combined.



My daughter is pleased with Coach Amanda and that is what is important to me. We drove for 2.5 hours one way to see the coach and it was worth it. I highly recommend her.

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